Personal injury law in Santa Ana

Santa Ana personal injury law intend to hold companies or people liable for causing injuries to a persons’ reputation, rights, and property. If the accident cause was due to another person’s fault, then the law ensures that the victim does not carry the injuries burden alone. One should not bear the full burdens of injuries that they did not contribute to or partially contributed to. It could fall, slipping or even a car crash. Most victims of accidents have been compensated on;

  • Loss of companionship and society
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of loved ones support
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • Property damage
  • Future earnings impairment
  • Lost earnings
  • Physical injuries
  • Future, present and past medical bills

Common types of cases in Santa Ana

The law of personal injury in this city covers a variety of incidences. These are just a few examples;

  • Wrongful deaths
  • Brain injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Falls and slips
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Auto accidents

How to prove a personal injury case

Santa Ana personal injury needs to be proven that the sued party has caused you injuries that have led to your loss for you to be compensated. The losses are referred to as damages. In Santa Ana, there are three categories of liability

Strict liability

One may not be negligent and would hurt the victim by mistake but still held liable for injuries. This liability also covers activities that are abnormally dangerous and injuries caused by a defective product.


This is plain carelessness. It can also be defined is breaching the duty to care for another person reasonably. For example hitting a car when you did not use your turning signals, injuring an occupant and so on. This is considered as legal negligence.

Intentional wrongs

Examples of intentional wrongs may include murder, assault, and arson. These intentional wrongs have both civil and criminal actions. A Civil action is used against an assailant for the victim to get compensated.

Results of an accident

However minor an accident may be, the implications may be more. Administrative complications are an addition to the physical injuries that may occur. These complications are like:

  • Missing work
  • Repairing property damage
  • Paying medical bills
  • Keeping track the doctors reports
  • Filing paperwork

What to do after been injured in Santa Ana

It is a surreal experience to get injured. Below are the things you should do when you get injured in Santa Ana:

  • Seek the attention of medical practitioners immediately. Being healthy is the most important thing. Right at the place of occurrence takes pictures of the incidence. As time progresses, keep on photographing and keep all the records from medical practitioners
  • All evidence should be kept away from your injuries scene. This may include the faulty product, pictures of the scene, license plate numbers, and witness information among others.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney soonest possible. Your attorney can advise you accordingly on what to do step by step.
  • Only talk to the insurance through your attorney. Your lawyer ensures that you get every compensation that you deserve.

Santa Ana personal injury laws were made to protect the victims from further victimization. It’s up to the people to know their rights and learn to use these laws.



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